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What happens when you take an older Hafford home, pour in some blood sweat and tears (and quite a bit of concrete), expand the footprint of the building, finish if off inside and transform the outside, and then tweak and refine it until you have a cute little bakery and bistro?  You'll end up with AM Bistro & Bakery LTD!

If you check out the photos on our Facebook page you'll see what we went through to make AM Bistro & Bakery LTD come to life.  It was truly a labor of love and the end result is Hafford, SK now has a business to serve the community with some delicious food and baked goods. And when you see the women up to their necks in a long trench slinging dirt, you know there was real devotion that went into getting our building ready for business!

You'll also notice from the summer clothes to the ice and snow that AM Bistro & Bakery LTD didn't happen overnight!  Putting on a new roof in the middle of winter takes a lot of commitment and gallons of hot coffee.  But to paraphrase the old adage, "Deliciousness comes from those who wait." 

And today, as we're comfortably nestled in our beautifully refurbished building, we look back on all that work and are so thankful.   We're thankful to those who helped, and we're doubly thankful for all of you who have made AM Bistro & Bakery LTD your favorite restaurant, bakery and go-to caterer!

AM Bistro & Bakery LTD is your sandwich shop serving yummy cookies, cakes, pies and sweets and we can also be your private party catering company.  Call us or stop by for a quote on your big event!

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